pet Cremation Services Cork

Dedicated pet Cremation Services for Cork based Pet Owners

After losing a pet most of us are expected to return to the responsibilities of life right away, but the depth of our pain goes almost unacknowledged…. If you are grieving the loss of a pet, please know that you are not alone.

Resting Pets Crematorium opened its doors in 2021 with two objectives – to provide every pet in Ireland with the dignified individual cremation they deserve and to offer their human companions a fully transparent service they can trust. 

Resting Pets has built a solid reputation and has become the market leader in individual pet cremations in Ireland. We did this by simply sticking to our core beliefs of Empathy, Trust, and Transparency.

  • Guaranteed individual pet cremations
  • Video evidence provided on request for your peace of mind
  • Pet collection service from Cork city and county if required
  • Prompt return of your pets ashes – usually within 5 working days
  • Drop off to us welcome
  • Tour of our facility and explanation of the cremation process can be arranged
  • “Goodbye Room” available for you to spend your final moments with your pet in privacy
  • Peaceful rural setting with sea views
  • Same day cremation available in certain circumstances

New Cork Location now open

To provide you with the best service and attention, we are now operating on an appointment-only basis. This will ensure that our team can dedicate the necessary time to address your specific needs.
Our Cork location is appointment only . To schedule a visit, please call us at 021 – 2066661. Our team will be happy to assist you in finding a convenient time.

Individual Pet Cremation Services Cork

We can arrange to collect your pet either from your home or from your vets’ practice. Contact us to  discuss your options. Either way the process remains the same and your pet will be treated with the same level of respect and care that you gave them their whole lives.

  • Your pet will be individually transported to our peaceful facility in a comfortable bed that is lined with soft furnishings and suited to size
  • We will collect your pet in one of our clean and comfortable vehicles, either a modern saloon car or SUV
  • If contacted by your vet, we will always speak with you prior to collection and upon arrival at our facility

Individual Collection from a vets Practice

We will always aim to collect your pet from a veterinary practice within 12 – 36 hours depending on your vets’ operating hours and the time of initial contact.

Individual Collection from your home

n the case of a sudden passing or accident we are here to help with a fast and efficient home collection service, check our FAQ page for further info. You can also contact us to make collection arrangements in advance if you have the time to do so. Home collections will require an immediate response so please ensure that you are available to greet us on arrival. Contact us for further details.