Our promise to you


We know the type of person you are. You are a devout pet owner. You are the person who does not think twice about getting up early to bring your dog for a walk before work. You would not dream of ever leaving your furry friend spend a night outside the house. They eat better food than you do sometimes and even when you come home to see your favourite shoes in tiny pieces at the end of the stairs, like they have done you some sort of favour, of course you get angry, but you know you will not be angry for long. You are the person who smiles when they see their cat gracefully walking across a narrow wall in the garden or appears out of nowhere with a look on their face that would melt your heart. You are the person who lets the rabbit in to watch TV on your lap, the person who talks to their guinea pig and religiously cleans the tank so the terrapins can see what is happening outside.

But always in the back of every pet owners mind is the inevitable goodbye. Maybe you will be lucky and get enough time with your friend to watch them live life to the fullest, to have them by your side through every major life event. But nothing lasts forever. You may find yourself, suddenly, in a situation where you will need to decide.  A decision that you know deep down is the right one but will surely smother you with guilt. Or you might not even get a chance to say goodbye.

And then what happens? You find yourself sitting at home, wondering what to do and not knowing. Trying to come to terms with the situation, weighing up the options and asking questions; is this the right thing to do, he might get better, I hate seeing him in pain like this. Or, in a vets’ waiting room, having information thrown at you at a time when it is difficult to process the right options. You may even feel a little silly for getting emotional over an “animal” in public.

We understand what you are going through. At that moment when you feel like you have lost everything and nothing will be the same again, we have been there. People who chose not to have a pet in their lives may struggle to understand. We are a family of pet owners, looking after the pet owning family.

Our promise to you is to be the answer to all your questions. Dignified, respectful and caring pet cremations with as little stress to the ones left behind as possible. We guarantee that your pet will receive the individual cremation they deserve and that you will only have the ashes of your pet returned to you.